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How Much Is Enough?


Shooting Stars and Flying Fish


How much is enough?

Arun Abey and Andrew Ford 
A&B Publishers, 2007 
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Diana Giese made an invaluable contribution as editor, motivator and coach to the successful production of our new book. Diana was recommended as a highly competent editor by an associate of ours, and more than lived up to the recommendation. Ever-vigilant and with all the attention to detail you would expect from a professional editor, Diana also brought passion and personal commitment to every facet of the project.
Arun Abey and Andrew Ford, second edition after bestselling first, 2008


Shooting Stars and Flying Fish

Nancy Knudsen 
Allen & Unwin, 2011 
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Read Nancy's comments on her mentorship with Diana through the  Australian Society of Authors

Readers discuss Nancy's 
story of her round-the-world voyage:

The descriptions of her travels made me feel as if I was there, from the breezes to the smells, the wind and rain and the freshness and landscape...the freedom. 
Mitch Murphy, 5 March 2012

When you are on a yacht you see more of the real parts of countries you visit than when you just jet in as a tourist...Her descriptions give wonderful insights into cultural and political differences between exotic places... the friends they made along the way, both yachties and locals, give the book colour and interest. 
Armchair Travel, Ulysses Bookstore, 19 July 2011

When we were preparing to launch our Sail-Worldcruising site, we put an advertisement in the magazine. A few days later we got an email from an Australian cruising sailor living in Turkey. She and her husband Ted were part-way through a round-the-world cruise. I went off to read her blog about their adventures. Within minutes I was enthralled. So Nancy Knudsen became our Sail-World Cruising Editor…Her tales form the basis of her book, Shooting Stars and Flying Fish. It’s a great read. 
Rob Kothe , Editor, Sail-World


Starting With Max

Ying Ying
Allen & Unwin, 2013
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This book is sad. It is also fun, insightful, beautiful and enlightening…  A really great animal book, and a new favourite. Can’t recommend this one highly enough.  Kirsti, Goodreads

Thank you for writing such a lovely, insightful and caring book...Peggy Rollins, postcard from South Australia

Warehouses & Woolstores of Victorian Sydney

Emery Balint, Trevor Howells and Victoria Smyth
Oxford University Press, 1982

Bone, Antler, Ivory & Horn

Arthur MacGregor
Croom Helm, 1985


The Virgin's Girdle

Giulia Lessanutti 
Journey through art, 2012 
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Much praise must go to my editor, Diana Giese, for her never-ending encouragement and support that led me up the rugged mountain path we travelled to complete this project. Giulia Lessanutti

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