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'Weathering the winds of change' Journal of Northern Territory History 22, March 2011 

‘One Fabulous Night Only: Entertaining the Territory’, NT Library Occasional Paper, 2008 
‘How to survive’, Conversations 6 (2), Summer 2006, Pandanus Books, Research School of Pacific and Asian Studies,  Australian   National   University; see under Sorathy Pouk Michell on the Community history, Cambodian page

‘Post-War Chinese Australians Oral History Project’, Voices and Memory: Australian Oral History , National Library of Australia seminar, 8 March 1997 
Whole project at https://catalogue.nla.gov.au/catalog/489327  

‘Collecting China’, National Library of Australia News , October 1999 

‘Chinese Australian Oral History Partnerships’, National Library of Australia News , July 1998

‘Conversations, Catalysts and Collaborations: getting the most out of community oral history’, Oral History Association of Australia Journal 19, 1997 

‘Editing Lives’Voices 6 (1), Autumn 1996 

‘Speaking up for oral history as literature’, The  Canberra  Times , 10 June 1995 

‘Clamouring for history’s attention’, New Librarian , March 1994

'Australians of the Year', National Library of  Australia  News, June 2000

'The ancestral village', Voices 1 (3), Spring 1991

For more articles, see AustLit 


and Informit https://search.informit.org/

GIESE, Diana at https://search.informit.org/action/doSearch?AllField=GIESE%2C+Diana


'“All the flavour of the time returns”: using oral history to explore the Top End’s Chinese Heritage', NT Library Occasional Papers 45, 1994 at https://catalogue.nla.gov.au/Record/2451050 

Also available at university and state libraries

‘Remote Access: A New Vision for Top End Schools’, National Library of Australia News , October 1995 (read by Mrs Joan Gold, who later in her will left the Northern Territory Library $250,000. This was used to complete the Literacy Through Libraries Project with remote Aboriginal communities, and to set up a scholarship to train an Indigenous person in IT skills.) 

See many other National Library of Australia News articles,  including ‘Australians of the Year’, June 2000,  ‘On the Fringe of the Sea’, September 1999 and ‘Valuing our Scientific Heritage’, June 2003 at ReadkonG.com, which indexes National Library of Australia News from 1990-99

Mass Media

Reports and other articles, news stories, interviews and reviews for The Australian (for example, ‘Australians take a second look at their Chinese syndrome’, ‘Indonesia: the media giant stirs’; interviews and reviews with writers such as Ben Okri, Peter Carey,  Jung Chang, Eric Rolls, Alice Munro, Linda Jaivin, Anita Brookner; writers’ festival reports);  The Canberra Times (for example, interviews with Jill Ker Conway, Michael Ondaatje and Auberon Waugh);The Age (for example, interview with Fay Weldon); The Times on Sunday Australian Bookseller and Publisher, Migration, The Australian Way, Gourmet Traveller, Tourism and Travel Management (for example, interviews with Paul Theroux and Ronald and Catherine Berndt)

See 'Opening up the electronic library', National Library of  Australia  News, July 1993 https://www.nla.gov.au/pub/nlanews/1993/jul93/story-3.pdf

'The mother of all networks', Australian Library Review 11(1), February 1994 at http://trove.nla.gov.au/version/51897448

'A week of serious play at  Adelaide's writers' circus', The Canberra Times, 19 March 1988  http://trove.nla.gov.au/ndp/del/article/101983430

Radio & related articles

Small publishers: Serpent’s Tail and Fourth Estate, broadcast on Books and Writing, ABC Radio National, 1988

‘Galvanising Forces’,  National Library of Australia News X (6), March 2000, on Brian Johns and Kathy Bail, who were also interviewed by Diana Giese at ORAL TRC 3729 and ORAL TRC 3732, for the Library’s Australian Publishing Oral History Project

The Self, the Place and the Others, broadcast on Books and Writing, ABC Radio National, 1989

‘Finding one’s voice in a new land’, The Weekend Australian, 17-18 August 1991, an interview with Yasmine Gooneratne 

‘Memories into Multimedia’, Sydney Writers Festival 1996, recorded by the State Library of New South Wales 

Reclaiming the Past , ABC Radio National, 1996 
Top End Chinese , ABC Radio National, 1993 
(Both available from ABC Program Sales, phone 1300 650 587, GPO Box 9994, Sydney 2001) 

All the Abandoned Places: An Immense Story (on V.S. Naipaul), ABC Radio 

Books and Writing , ABC Radio National, Numerous scripts for Robert Dessaix reporting, for example, conferences and writers’ festivals, here and overseas; African and Pacific writing; British responses to Australian books; interviews with (for instance) Paul Theroux, Fay Weldon, Salman Rushdie, P.D. James, Ian McEwan; many reviews, including They Shoot Writers, Don’t They? , edited by George Theiner


‘In the presence of living beings…many, in fact, dead’, in Jan Ryan, ed., Chinese in Australia and New Zealand: A Multidisciplinary Approach , New Age International, New Delhi, 1995 

‘“Where others failed, the Chinese succeeded”: collecting  and re-evaluating the history of the Chinese in the context of Top End Northern Territory history’, in Paul Macgregor, ed., Histories of the Chinese in Australasia and the South Pacific , Museum of Chinese Australian History, Melbourne, 1995

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